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Sobha Saptrang- Precisely located at Koramangala, Bangalore

Sobha Saptrang by Sobha developers is a residential project located to precision at Koramangala in Bangalore. With high-rise residential structures, one can enjoy stunning views of landscaped greenery for a sustainable lifestyle. Nestled between prime IT tech parks and educational institutions, Sobha Saptrang promises a comfortable living experience! Bangalore, renowned as the IT capital of India offers high paying employment prospects in the IT sector. Along with this, the city enjoys impeccable climate throughout the year.

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Saptrang by Sobha

Precisely located at the commercial hub of Koramangala, Bangalore

Sobha properties are one of the top ranked property developers in Bangalore. With their expertise in launching residential and commercial properties, they have focused entirely on customer delight and comfort. Sobha Saptrang by Sobha developers is a residential masterpiece located to absolute perfection at Koramangala in Bangalore. The project offers 2, 2.5, 3 and 4 BHK apartments that are spread across 5 acres. There are 7 towers within the project that comprises of 344 residential units. This would certainly help residents to choose among profitable alternatives based on their requirements. Connectivity-wise, Koramangala has a lot to offer. It is well connected to localities like HSR, Koramangala, Indiranagar, Domlur, Sarjapur and MG Road, which are prime residential localities. In terms of employment prospects, IT tech parks like Embassy Golf Links employ a majority of the IT crowd. Aspiring IT professionals can now consider investing early to make the most of current property trends and double up on a secondary source of income.

Investment-wise, the rise in social and IT infrastructure development is sure to increase land appreciation rates in the years to come. Presence of prominent schools, colleges and medical institutions ensures that customers can provide the best for their children. Sobha Saptrang has devised fabulous amenities and floor plans that are in line with industry standards and diverse customer expectations. With a customer-centric approach, residents can visit the site at all times to experience impeccable design structures and explore the space allocated. This evidently establishes long-lasting relationships and promotes transparency which is essential.

Koramangala is renowned for its green cover. Prominent parts around Koramangala are surrounding by recreational parks that promotes eco-friendliness like never before. Commercial multiplexes like Forum is home to some of the best brands in regards to shopping and entertainment. Investing at an early stage can help you find prospective tenants and rent out the property for formidable gains. The inclusion of RERA and tax reforms such as GST has reformed the property market in Bangalore. Therefore, one can expect timely project delivery for a hassle-free investment experience. With property prices in Koramangala increasing at a steady rate, investing now would be close to ideal.

Residential & Commercial infrastructure growth in Koramangala

For the past few years, Koramangala has transformed into an ideal investment destination. In regards to connectivity, convenience and safe living conditions, renowned developers are capitalizing on key markets to provide sustainable and affordable options for residential investments. Apart from the rise in residential property demands, Koramangala has noticed a steady growth in commercial infrastructure development. Millennials and entrepreneurs are now inclined towards residing in co-living spaces and work at co-working office spaces to meet like-minded individuals and network for fascinating career prospects. The evident presence of schools like Bethany High School and Jyoti Nivas College are prime reason why residents tend to flock to Koramangala for a formidable lifestyle. Koramangala provides easy connectivity to areas like Electronic City which is an emerging IT hub. Frequent BMTC bus and taxi routes makes it easy for residents to go about with their everyday commute with seamless comfort.

Realty price trends at Koramangala

Property price is the most important factor in deciding to buy a property. The price would determine your affordability status and adds on value to your investment. It is considered necessary to devise a budget before coming to the site as it helps you compare your expectations with current property trends. Sobha Saptrang, which is located precisely at Koramangala has worked with some of the finest architects in the business to provide premier residential spaces for a sustainable lifestyle. Current reports showcase that realty price trends in Koramangala range from a lowest of Rs. 8571 per sq.ft to Rs. 13,876 per sq.ft depending upon the locality chosen. The presence of residential spaces by other developers and nature of connectivity has also influenced the steep rise in prices in the past few years.

Considering Koramangala as your primary choice of investment- How does it bring value?

There are several aspects that come into the picture when one goes forward to make decisions in regards to property investments. Residents should keep in mind that an in-depth knowledge about the property market of their choice of city matters. Koramangala has performed phenomenally well in terms of releasing affordable residential spaces in order to cater to rising demands. Proximity to prominent parts like MG Road, Domlur and Indiranagar is enhanced because of perfectly laid out roads that makes commute comfortable. Rental benefits are prominent as Koramangala is close to IT tech parks in Domlur and Sarjapur. This helps young working professionals focus on a secondary source of income and financially secure their future. Considering what the locality has to offer, Sobha Saptrang is a project with amazing possibilities for a convenient and safe future.

Factors to consider before investing in Koramangala

Location, connectivity, land appreciation and amenities are factors that play a vital role in arriving at constructive investment decisions. Koramangala is home to the diverse nature of residential projects. For instance, there are investors who utilize their hard-earned money in purchasing units at under construction projects. This would help them take their time and consult and look for tenants who can reap them returns in the long run. On the other hand, there are instances where residents opt for ready to move in homes which is the most suitable and sought-after option. Koramangala, as an investment destination offers the best of both worlds. There are projects that are under construction and projects which are completed to be occupied by prospective customers.

Proximity from Indiranagar to Koramangala

Like Koramangala, Indiranagar is a prime investment destination for people from the upper category as far as affordability is concerned. Indiranagar also has witnessed rising levels of social and IT infrastructure development and offers residential investment opportunities for residents from diverse income groups. The sudden rise in property prices in Indiranagar has influenced realty trends in Koramangala as well. The approximate distance that it takes to get to Koramangala from Indiranagar would be not more than 6 Km’s. Frequent BMTC bus and taxi routes enables smoother connectivity via Domlur and the 100ft road. Therefore, investing with Sobha Saptrang in Koramangala is nothing short of ideal.

Connectivity benefits from Koramangala to MG Road

MG Road is considered as a major shopping and commercial hub of Bangalore. The locality offers seamless connectivity because of metro rail services. This has increased the level of commercial infrastructure development for high rental gains. One can access Koramangala from MG Road via frequent BMTC bus and taxi routes. Via Hosur road, residents can reach Koramangala in about 33 minutes which is about 6.3 Km’s. Similarly, alternate routes include the one via Lower Agraham road and 80 feet road which takes about 6.9 Km’s or 37 minutes. This ease in connectivity effectively encourages residents to consider investing in Koramangala.

Distance between Koramangala and Electronic City

Electronic City offers high profiled employment prospects in the IT sector. With the presence of prominent IT corporations, connectivity matters. Residents at Sobha Saptrang at Koramangala can avail impeccable connectivity benefits as there are multiple routes to evade traffic congestion challenges. One can get to Electronic City from Koramangala in about 33 minutes, which is approximately 13 Km’s. With construction of over bridges from Silk Board, it becomes evident that investing around Koramangala is an affordable and the most suitable option.

Distance between Sobha Saptrang and Jayanagar

Jayanagar is one of the oldest localities in Bangalore and enjoy a wide spread of green cover. Close to some of the prominent entertainment multiplexes and educational institutions, Jayanagar has transformed into a fascinating residential destination. The distance from Sobha Saptrang and Jayanagar is about 12 Km’s that takes about an hour via Hosur road because of undeniable traffic challenges. However, one can get easy access to the project from Jayanagar via outer ring road and reach there in little more than an hour. These are effective alternatives to analyze and make your commute comfortable.

Sarjapur to Sobha Saptrang- What are the connectivity benefits?

Location is by far the most important aspect of a residential project. It would effectively determine the extent of connectivity to the rest of the city. Sarjapur is considered to be an emerging commercial locality and offers diverse property investment alternatives. As Sarjapur is in close proximity to areas like Marathahalli and Bellandur, connectivity from Koramangala is inevitable. The estimated distance from Sobha Saptrang to Sarjapur is about 23 Km’s that takes about an hour via Sarjapur main road. Another alternative route would be via Hosur road which estimates to be approximately 37 Km’s that takes close to 1 hour and 24 minutes to be precise.

Yelahanka to Sobha Saptrang- What can investors expect in terms of connectivity?

Yelahanka, for the past few years has flourished into a remarkable property investment destination. There are commercial and residential properties evenly spread out making Yelahanka as the most profitable option. In regards to Sobha Saptrang, people can find easy way of getting to other locations in Yelahanka. For instance, via Bellary road, the distance between Sobha Saptrang and Yelahanka is about 28.3 Km’s. Similarly, the distance via national highway 75 is close to 40 Km’s. In such cases, residents can be wise and choose the route that suits them the best.

Proximity between Devanahalli and Sobha Saptrang

Devanahalli is home to the Bangalore International Airport. With impeccable civic infrastructure development, the locality witnesses an everyday increase in the number of vehicles trying to get to the airport. With rising residential and commercial infrastructure development, land appreciation rates across Devanahalli has increased multifold. The distance between Sobha Saptrang in Koramangala and Devanahalli is about 53 Km’s that takes about 1 hour 53 minutes via the outer ring road, which is the most convenient. Also, people can get to Sobha Saptrang from Devanahalli via Bellary road, which is close to 47 Km’s.

Distance between Sobha Saptrang and Hebbal

Hebbal is renowned for its connectivity benefits. It is via Hebbal that residents across Bangalore get to the International Airport. The evident rise in social and civic infrastructure development has helped people get to other prominent localities with relative ease and comfort. The distance between Sobha Saptrang and Hebbal is about 28 Km’s that takes about 54 minutes. Once can also use alternate routes via Sarjapur main road which counts to about 20 Km’s which would approximately take little more than an hour based on the traffic at different times. Residents can also get to either of these locations using frequent BMTC routes which saves time and promotes public transport.

Manyata Tech Park to Sobha Saptrang- Connectivity advantages

Manyata Tech Park employs a majority of Bangalore’s IT crowd. Close to locations like Jalahalli and B.E.L road, Manyata Tech Park in Thanisandra offers impeccable connectivity options. With over bridges constructed, one can seamlessly go about with their commute with effortless ease and comfort. The total distance between Manyata Tech Park and Sobha Saptrang is about 25 Km’s that would eventually take about 45 minutes. Via Sarjapur main road, residents can reach the project in about 1 hour and 8 minutes which calculates to about 26 Km’s. This is one of the primary reasons why IT and working professionals should consider investing with Sobha Saptrang.

Mahadevapura to Sobha Saptrang- How does one go about with their commute?

Mahadevapura is yet another location that is known to provide high profiled employment prospects in the IT sector. With prominent IT corporations around, infrastructure development is evident, which contributes to high land appreciation rates. As it is close to KR Puram railway station and Byppanahalli metro station, residents can go about with their everyday commute with seamless precision. The overall distance between Mahadevapura and Sobha Saptrang is about 12 Km’s that takes about 22 minutes via national highway 44. With frequent BMTC buses and taxi routes available, it is imperative that investing with Sobha Saptrang is nothing short of ideal.

Old Madras road to Sobha Saptrang- Connectivity personified

It becomes important that we emphasize on the location of the project. This very location would help you estimate the level of connectivity to the rest of the city. The location, would also determine the price of the property and the extent of infrastructure development for favorable rental returns. Old Madras road is considered to be a prominent residential locality that provides alternatives to choose from. The locality even offers employment prospects, which is what millennials look for while investing in the property market. The distance from Sobha Saptrang to Old Madras road is about 16 Km’s that takes about 33 minutes via Swamy Vivekananda road. Other alternative routes would be via 100 ft road that takes about 35 minutes that equals to about 11 Km’s. Depending on where you reside and where you work, residents can opt for routes that suit them the best.

Distance between Whitefield and Sobha Saptrang

Sobha Saptrang in Koramangala is bound to help potential property investors when it comes to connectivity and accessibility. With fabulous road laid out and neighboring infrastructure growing, looking for prospective clients wouldn’t be hard as the locality is close to most of the prominent areas for entertainment and employment. Distance between Whitefield and Sobha Saptrang is about 16 Km’s that takes about 40 minutes. Depending upon how the traffic challenges are, residents can avail smoother connectivity for a hassle-free lifestyle at Sobha Saptrang.

Koramangala is a focal point connecting some major nodes, notably the Intermediate Ring Road linking the Airport Road with Electronics City and Hosur Road, Sarjapur Road leading to the Outer Ring Road, the IT corridor and beyond and 80 Feet Road leading to MG Road at the center of Bangalore.
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Sobha Saptrang has employed a customer-centric approach that welcomes residents to the site to experience the amenities, floor plans, design structures or possibly take a tour of the property. With strategically structured residential spaces, you can now lead a life with utmost happiness and conveneince.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Sobha Saptrang exactly located?
Sobha Saptrang by Sobha properties is a residential project located Sarjapur Main Road (Jakkasandra Extension) next to HSR Layout.
What are the configurations available at Sobha Saptrang?
Sobha Saptrang offers 2, 3 and 4 BHK residential apartments.
What is the total area covered at Sobha Saptrang?
The total land parcel at Sobha Saptrang is about 5 acres.
What is the possession status of Sobha Saptrang?
It will be ready to move in by 2022-23.
What is the price of individual unit variants at Sobha Saptrang?
Sobha Saptrang prices for individual apartments are available on request.
What are the amenities provided at Sobha Saptrang?
Amenities at Sobha Saptrang include an equipped gymnasium, recreational play parks for children, landscaped greenery, swimming pool for all age groups, jogging tracks, clubhouse, 100% electric/power backup, designated parking spots and 24/7 round the clock security services.


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